Today marks the end of an era. Pour one out for the old Movable Type install I still had laying around. I kept it up purely for Action Streams support. Which, at the time, was a kinda cool aggregator of "the things you do elsewhere on the internets". Not something I've had on the site for a while now so decided it was time for MT to retire up state.

I had a pang of nostalgia for the good old days of blogging as I typed cd cgi-bin && rm -rf mt 🥲

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  1. Dave2 says:

    Oh man. I was huge into Movable Type back in the day (I was a featured blog on their site… until I kept writing entries that trashed them because it got progressively worse!). But then the platform became difficult for me to keep running and even more difficult to find hosting for (it was resource-heavy and many hosting companies refused). WordPress hasn't exactly been a bed of roses, and I REALLY miss some of the features I had… but it is what it is.

    • kevin says:

      Yeah so many many memories. It's been weird being on WordPress for so long *and* keeping an MT install running at the same time – just to create one static page. Every time I went back into the MT admin area I was like hello old friend.

  2. Dave Cross says:

    Oh, I used MT for such a long time. Such a shame that successive mergers and takeovers effectively killed it off. I had great hopes for the Melody community fork, but that never went anywhere. Must be ten years since I moved everything to WP instead.

    I wonder what Ben and Mina are doing now. I hope they did well out of it.

    • Agreed. By my own admission, a lot of the Ben Trott Perl wasn't half bad for the time. I hope they did well from the acquisitions.

      MT still exists in an enterprisey ridiculous price point. Would be interested to see the code in 2023 and what features it has.

  3. Neil Turner says:

    I feel like I was a late hold out with MT, but even I switched to WordPress many years ago. It could have been so much more, but they lost so much community goodwill by being so restrictive about licencing. WordPress has its flaws but it's developer community is so much larger.