Read And Drink

Drink And Read

I've started reading again. It's fun and I'm having a great time. I set two ground rules for this great book awakening. No Kindle – these had to be actual books with actual pages. And no Amazon – sorry Jeff, but I'd like to support the local book shop.

To that end, I can't say enough good things about Changing Hands Bookstore in Phoenix. It's the kind of place when you walk in you feel right at home and the people therein are your tribe. But as a special bonus, Changing Hands has First Draft Book Bar inside it. Quite simply "A Bar In A Bookstore".

It's as absolutely pleasant as it sounds, having a Tower Station with your head in a book.

As to what I'm actually reading, that dear reader, will be another post.

Words On A Page

2019 has not been the "year of reading" for me. A few weeks ago I lamented:

I wish my reading habits were consistent. It’s been over a month since I picked up that book.

If by "book" I mean Kindle then that's still correct, and there it sits in a draw uncharged as we speak. Last night I caught myself wishing I had an actual physical book with real pages and stuff. And maybe that's the problem?

So in an effort to kickstart this thing I'm going to keep the Kindle in the draw and go old school. The Amazon fairy tells me the first book arrives tomorrow.

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