Wall Of Sound

Wall Of Sound

Back in the olden times when going to a restaurant was a good idea, we loved going to Windsor. Food is fantastic, IPAs delicious, and they play the best music.

Luckily you can order the food online and go pick it up. Safely of course. One of the upsides of that is getting mesmerized at their cassette wall as you wait. So many many good albums.

I wish I'd kept all my old cassettes to do something similar.


I've managed to work myself into a diet of eating lunch and dinner only. It wasn't even a planned thing really, it just sort of happened. I find I'm not remotely hungry in the mornings as I get older. What I didn't realize though is that this form of going 16 hours without eating is a form of intermittent fasting. Weird that it worked out this way.

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